DRAMAtical Murder, Aoba’s instagram

Saw hooshangh's many aoba-cellphone photosets going around and I was charmed… so I was inspired to contribute my own set.

Photo captions provided by Muun.

it’s a combo dog daycare, dog hotel, and indoor dog park

i need this job i need it more than anything

theres a doggy daycare type thing a few towns over that’s hiring !!!

i want to apply but the website isnt very user-friendly

they have an email and phone-number listed so I guess I’ll email but??

how do you send a professional email how do i beg for a job without sounding desperate

instead of finishing any of my half written fics im going to write an au where people lay eggs is2g

bringing your egg to your desk job 

i cant stop thinking about eggs and laying eggs and what if humans laid eggs what if we had to sit on giant eggs for 9 months